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This was to be 'Art for Art's sake' - art that did not tell stories or make moral points, art that dared simply to offer visual delight and hint at sensuous pleasure.Elkingtons by the third quarter of the 19th century were at the peak of their success.Now scientists must tell us why.” That’s how the paper headlines Robin Mc Kie’s article.

This is a really lovely and unusual piece which could be used to display and complement a glass or silver collectable, or to display a piece of jewellery perhaps.

This tea service is an excellent example of the exotic influences that underpinned the movement.

The Aesthetic Movement, as it came to be known, sought nothing less than the creation of a new kind of art, an art freed from outworn establishment ideas and untrammelled by Victorian notions of morality.

Victorian fine quality heavy gauge silver plate Christening or child's cutlery set made by Thomas Harwood and Co., and complete with the original fitted case. Case is 8 inches long by 3 inches wide by 1.25 inches deep. Appearing to never have been used, this is a lovely set in very good condition.

The stems are finely engraved with grapes and vines, and are fitted into the original Victorian leather case with silk and velvet interior. Serpentine Antiques at The Antiques Warehouse Badshot Farm St.

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That was the book that poet Ted Hughes sent to Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister – and then wrote a poem about in his role as Poet Laureate.