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Ms access disable screen updating

When we run vba code / macros in our excel files, we see a lot of screen flickering as the actions are being performed on the file.Also, we get popup messages asking to accept the “Save” or “Delete” as per the code.Here is what each of the methods does, and how they are different. It goes to the database and runs the underlying query again. There is a textbox that has a formula that gives a total price (e.g. If you use recalc on the Lost Focus event of both quantity and price textboxes, you will recalculate the total price. Refresh Refresh is sort of like requery except that it only updates the records on the screen.For example, if you had a form which was used to add people. If someone has added another record in a multi user environment, it will not get display the new record.Perhaps hiding or disabling the cursor is not the best way to achieve this end. Best regards Kev @Hack - believe me, this is a very useful piece of code.

Although doing this can be instructive, after you get the macro working properly, it’s often annoying and can slow the performance of your macro considerably.

Fortunately, you can disable the screen updating that normally occurs when you execute a macro.

To turn off screen updating, use the following statement: The range is filled much faster, and you don’t see the result until the macro is finished running and screen updating is (automatically) set to True.

By John Walkenbach VBA for Excel 2016 is fast, but it’s not always fast enough.

(Computer programs are never fast enough.) Keep reading to discover some programming examples you can use to speed up your macros.

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To prevent the screen from flickering, we enter To copy this code into your file’s code window, press Alt F11 on your keyboard.

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