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A source told Dr Hagemann tweeted: “UK govt previously sought work & advice from best experts.

You are reinvestigated every five years if you are able to maintain that clearance,' he said.'All of that clearance was made during the Obama administration,' Spicer said, repeatedly bringing up the Obama administration. Flynn resigned under pressure after it was revealed he hadn't disclosed to vice president Mike Pence that he had met with Russian ambassador to the U. Asked about Trump's decision to fire Flynn and about whether in hindsight it was a mistake to bring him in, Spicer said: 'The president made the right call at the right time and it's clearly paid off.' A Pentagon inspector general is launching its own investigation into whether Flynn took payments from foreign entities without approval, according to a letter released by House Democrats on Thursday.

Foreign academics at a leading British university have been barred from offering advice on Brexit, apparently because of “national security”.

A message sent by the Foreign Office informed staff at the London School of Economics (LSE) that their contribution to Government analysis and reports was no longer wanted.

“We believe our academics, including non-UK nationals, have hugely valuable expertise, which will be vital in this time of uncertainty around the UK’s relationship with Europe and the rest of the world.” The spokesman added: “Any changes to security measures are a matter for the UK Government.” There are suggestions that one of the academics affected is a dual-national, with citizenship of both the UK and another EU member state.

Steve Peers, a professor of EU law at the University of Essex who has advised the Government on EU legal questions, said it should be possible to receive advice without sensitive information being revealed.

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The State shall likewise endeavor to create a balanced atmosphere where the historic past coexists in harmony with modern society.

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