Updating an old resume dating a man that is separated

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Updating an old resume

An objective statement serves no purpose and should be eliminated from today’s resumes.

Rather than wasting this prime real estate at the top of the resume, be sure to capitalize on it with other valuable information.

Get Rid of the Old Stuff Your resume should reflect the latest achievements in your career and your current position.

It should also contain your skills that are marketable in today’s workplace.

No matter what you were looking for during your last job search, you’re probably not in an identical state of mind this time around.

People change and grow and time goes by, and career ambitions shift and evolve.

Explore the style and presentation options on Live Career and choose a font, color palette, and visual theme that fits with your personal brand.Take the time to review position descriptions to showcase your achievements rather than your job duties.Review, revise and edit your resume so it will impress the hiring manager and help get you an interview.Remember that simple style elements are usually more effective than complicated ones, and your colors and font styles should be limited to two or three.Watch out for fancy elements that might confuse resume scanners, and don’t include images or photos.

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If you’ve lost patience with your current boss or you’ve lost interest in your current job (for any reason), you may be thinking about stepping back onto the job market.

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