Validating half life 2

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We conceptualized the QWL construct in terms of employee satisfaction with two sets of major needs: lower- and higher-order needs.

Lower-order needs comprise health/safety needs and economic/family needs.

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However, as with Once we knew what our engine could do and had enough raw material in the bank to use as constraints to drive the design, the Cabal Process began to work as efficiently for us as it had during the development of The problem now was, given the much larger scale of the game and larger number of people working on the project, the Cabal Process itself became a bottleneck. As a result, we created three nearly independent design cabals, each responsible for designing and producing roughly one-third of the game, plus dedicated cabals for art, sound, and acting. Larger cabals resulted in diluted design meetings and smaller ones risked a dearth of ideas.

During the technology push, an expanded version of the original cabal met for months, attempting to create a complete design document similar to the first one.

Design work during the early phase of development progressed very slowly because we found it difficult to predict what kinds of designs our technology would enable once it was finished.

We included both programmers and level designers because most design iteration occurred through changes to AI, game code, or levels.

Each cabal also included one engine programmer who would develop new technology required by the designs.

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